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Looking for an electrical elliptical thanks
doing a birthday movie night. looking for a red curtain
looking for pillows to sit on in the grass.
Hi! I am looking for a shelf for my crafts and board games. Thank you so much!!!
I am looking for some small jars with lids. 8 oz jars would be perfect! If you have something smaller or even a little larger that you no longer need and are willing to part with please let me know. Thank yo I live in Ashburn but could pick up in the surrounding area.
Hi. I m an art therapist who uses all sorts of art materials including collage!!! If anyone has any type of magazine they, 1) Don t mind parting with, and 2) Don t mind knowing the magazines will be cut up, please let me know! I am willing to pick them up. Thanks so much in advance.
Mixed Color Mosaic Tiles for Crafts Shine Crystal Irregular Mosaic Glass Pieces... Any shape/Any color please!!! Thanks.
Anyone have grovel rocks small rocks? I need legs nearly as 50 lbs if so.... Or any sands nearly as 20 lbs if so??? For my cement mix? Project for science thing's.
ISO- folding cot or folding twin bed picture for reference. Does not need to have the mattress
Hello there! Looking to build my stay-at-home gym and seeking dumbbells in the following weights (preferably in pairs, but singles may be considered!): 12lbs 14lbs 16lbs 18lbs 22lbs 24 or 24lbs I will be available for pick-up on Monday and Tuesday. [Possibly tomorrow (Friday, July 29), depending on the distance].
Since working from home in a makeshift office in our kitchen, my partner has gone through three of our swivel bar stools. Looking for a solid, comfortable bar stool with a back or a drafting office chair that will be high enough for a high table. Thanks in advance!!
I've recently picked up a new hobby of sewing and would love any fabric you dont need/use or any cutter quilts you have!
Hi, I'm watering my elderly neighbor's small front garden for her, and I thought an oscillating sprinkler would help when it's so hot. Maybe someone has an old one? It's even OK if it doesn't oscillate, as I can put it on the top of the hill and let it wash down. Thank you.
I am not a professional jewelry or geologist. I just like the rocks - especially when they are wet. Some ar pretty beautiful and I would like to polish them. I used to have one for my son that we never used and we gave away ages ago. Thanks if you can help
I will come to dig out or pick up. Am re-doing a small garden spot that seems to love the Susans. Thanks!
I need a chest freezer that works (aka stays at or under 0F). If anybody has one, of bascially any size, I'd really appreciate it!
Looking for any assortment or mix of Legos to fill in missing pieces in some kits that my grandchildren play with. Happy to pick up today, tomorrow, or whenever at your convenience. Thanks for considering.
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